Vaygren: Lustful Temptation” is an erotic interactive visual novel with multiple routes and unlockables. Hours of gameplay await you with gorgeously animated cutscenes and stunningly beautiful fantasy women. The Vaygren universe is filled with rich characters and a stunning world that unfolds around you. You’ll be meeting, flirting, frolicking, and fighting alongside characters you meet along the way in this high stakes fantasy adventure. But, be careful. You just might fall in love, and that’s never good for a loner like Nyx.


Vaygren, a fantastical world, filled with memorable women and nations constantly at war… at least until Alees used her might and magic to unify the world. The great Queen Alees will do whatever necessary to keep her peace!

Rebellion is on the rise! The renowned general Solara sends Nyx, an ambitious and proud Nekomata under her command, to investigate possible rebellious activities and eliminate them. Nyx graciously eagerly accepts the assignment, although she’s less than thrilled to find that her team for the mission consists solely of newbie cadets fresh out of training. Even so, her ambition won’t let her turn down the assignment. And besides… there are perks to being in command of an entire squad of hotties, and Nyx never could turn down a hot piece of tail.

MAIN Features

HD 1080p & fullscreen option
5+ character routes
Fully voiced animated cutscenes
40+ Animated events
20+ Illustrated events
CG Gallery
Scene Selection
Original Soundtrack and Audio
Future content planned