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Hey, just because it’s porn, doesn’t mean it’s not art.

We are animators, artists, editors, storytellers, and more. We’ve all got different skills, but we share a dual love of animation and hentai. Together, we are Cyberframe Studios, and we’re going to make some beautiful music/hentai together.

We are two, for now, but as Cyberframe grows, so too shall the team.


Artist, Animator
Founder of Vaygren.com, Cyberunique is a self-taught artist who has always shown a great passion for art, counting many great Japanese animation titles as his inspiration and the artists Koutarou with T, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell as his influences. He is dedicated to illustration and is set on the path of becoming one of the most promising digital artist of his time.

Aebard Thawne / AEHentai

Editor, Animator, Sound Engineer
Both blessed and cursed with technical skill over visual creativity, AEHentai is a programmer that stumbled his way into puppet animation. When not working on new animations, he spends his time developing software and pioneering new techniques to mimic the look of traditional animation.

The animation is one of the most amazing and versatile forms of visual storytelling. We can build anything we imagine, craft amazing stories, and create visually amazing spectacles.

We want to make hentai, hark back to hentai from the 80s and 90s, where the story was just as important as bumping uglies. Of course, there will be plenty of mindless hentai fluff as well.