Deep within the black void of the universe, there exists a realm called… Vaygren.


Deep within the black void of the universe exists a realm called Vaygren. Within, there exists a myriad of ethereal beings and horrific entities, some of which have been further warped and disfigured by a combination of advanced science and dark magical arts.

Vaygren is rife with political turmoil. Constant war tears apart the land, as the various factions & races destroy one another to seize power for themselves. Above them all sits the Queen of Vaygren, Alees. Her origins are shrouded in mystery. No one knows where she came from or how she amassed such power. She cares little for politics or ruling her empire, only wishing to claim all of Vaygren as her own. Few dare oppose her, for to oppose Alees is to throw one’s life away.

Yet, still some fight. There is a rebellious dark elf, Yvain, who was once Alees’s most favored servant. Now, she is the rebellion’s only hope. In a botched assassination attempt, Yvain is overcome by Alees’s sheer power. As the deadly battle was coming to its conclusion, Yvain manages steal an artifact off of Alees, thinking it to be the source of the Queen’s overwhelming power.

She was wrong.

As Alees unleashes a devastating final blow to the dark elf, the artifact activates and warps Yvain into another realm: Earth.

And on Earth, a young girl named Sophia is about to have her life changed forever…


Within these strange jewels, colors radiating a deep orange & red, an intense magical energy swirls and brims with indescribable power. It is currently unknown what the true purpose of these artifacts are, or what they means to Alees and Yvain. It was one of these gems which caused Yvain, by no intention of her own, to travel to the realm of Earth.


The Mara is what the denizens of Vaygren call the phallus they grow in order to reproduce. The spell and ritual that invokes the phallus is also known by the name Mara.



This barbarous, highly aggressive race of Vaygren demons have little interest in anything but satisfying their own base desires. They are utterly single minded in their lust for fighting, equaled only by their fondness for eating and sex.


To all outward appearances, Vaymen seem identical to humans. In fact, the only difference Vaymen have from the Human’s of Earth is their ability to wield spiritual power.


Humans are from Earth, different dimension. They do not exist naturally in Vaygren, although some humans have managed to travel there via magic or advanced technology.


Dark elves have darker toned skin. Like elves, they have long, pointed ears and tend to have pale shades of hair.


In the past, Dark Elves were fierce warriors.


Elves, they have long, pointed ears and tend to have pale shades of hair.


The Nekomata are a demi-human race of catgirls.